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Enforcement Notices & Appeals


An Enforcement Notice is one of the principal means by which a Council may control development that they consider has been carried out without the benefit of planning permission.


It is likely that you will already be aware of the Council's concerns, because the Enforcement Officer will have contacted you to establish the facts. However, where the Council believe that your development should be stopped immediately, they can issue a Stop Notice.

Often the Enforcement Officer will be acting on a complaint or query from a member of the public who is concerned about what you are doing. They may not know you have planning permission or are developing in accordance with permitted development rights. If you are able to satisfy the officer he will respond to the complainant accordingly.

You may therefore receive a letter or telephone call in the first instance from the Council's Enforcement Officer. However, if the officer considers your development is not lawful then you will receive a formal notification to this effect. This is known as a 'Planning Contravention Notice'.


It is very important you do not delay in taking action where an enforcement notice has been received. The usual recourse for the Council is to seek a planning application in the first instance, but if an appeal is required this must be completed accurately and there are very strict timescales.


We would be happy to advise on enforcement matters.

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