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Our Fees

Town Planning can be a complex and time consuming business. We endeavour to keep fees as competitive as possible and this is achieved in a number of ways:-

Competitive Fee Rates:

You are obtaining Director level professional services at competitive rates. Our time charges are bench-marked against other similar practices.


At the present time our standard hourly rate remains at £105 per hour; exclusive of disbursements and VAT.

Regional Charging:

Although based in northern England we 'assume' offices in other regional locations and will charge our travel time from those regional centres. So, for work in the South East for example we charge as from London, work in Scotland from Edinburgh, in the South West, as from Exeter etc.

Ceiling Figure Quotations:    

Each instruction will be assessed at the outset based on a defined scope of work and expected levels of time commitment. We prepare a formal proposal setting out the likely elements of the job and anticipated costs. This will provide a ceiling figure for budgeting purposes.

Detailed time and expenses records are maintained during the currency of the instruction and only the lower of the actual time cost or the ceiling figure will be charged.

In the event of unexpected additional time commitments, or client request for additional services, we will establish prior approval for and set out the additional costs involved.

Fixed Price Quotations:    
There may be instances where a fixed fee can be agreed. Be aware though that this could be a more expensive option as we need to build in allowances for exceptional or unexpected costs.


Periodic Fees:     
We would be happy to provide a quote based on a half or full day fixed rate.     
Our Half Day rate is £375 (4 hours): Full Day rate £750 (8 hours)

These fees are exclusive of disbursements and VAT     


Other Professional Services - Single Point of Contact:
It may be necessary  to obtain other professional services to complete an instruction. Specialist advice for issues such as flood risk, ecology, transport etc are often required. We act as a single point of contact, co-coordinating and managing the delivery of the project, including third parties. We will provide you with regular updates.

We will identify the need for and obtain quotes for these services and set them out as far as possible at the outset. We will arrange for third party invoices to be sent directly to you for settlement.

We recover disbursements at cost only, with no percentage mark-up or service charges. We endeavour to travel around Britain in the most time and cost effective manner available. Our current mileage rate is 45p per mile. 


Planning Application and other Statutory Fees    
For the avoidance of doubt, our fees DO NOT include for any statutory fees.


Terms and Conditions:
Our Terms and Conditions are available as a pdf - 

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