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The Online Planning Aid Service Is Designed To Provide Low Cost Assistance In Answering Your Planning Queries Via E-Mail

THIS IS A CHARGEABLE SERVICE: For a CONTRIBUTION of £25.00 per ENQUIRY ; £50 for URGENT enquiries. (Incl VAT)

This service provides you with a means of obtaining low cost, professional advice on your particular planning problems and what you should do in specific circumstances. Essentially this is your electronic planning advisory service.



For example, you may wish to enquire about whether you need planning permission to carry out certain works, or use land in a particular way. Or perhaps you would like advice on how to object to a planning proposal or what to do if you have been threatened with enforcement action. Alternatively you may wish to have a second opinion on a planning refusal or interpretation of a planning policy. The options are endless.

We may need to ask you questions before providing a full response. This will not affect the overall charge. Equally, you may have further questions arising out of the advice. If we cannot answer your query there is no charge and we will try and refer you on to someone who can help.

If you would like to talk directly to a specialist planner then please request this in your e-mail and provide a contact telephone number(s). We will call you as soon as possible to answer your questions. The telephone call will be substituted for the e-mail response.

This service is primarily designed to provide for private individuals, businesses, local authority officers, students, charitable or other non-professional bodies. 

Professional Advisors, or those using the service to assist in fee-paying work on their own behalf, will be subject to our normal fee rates.

If you have a particular concern that requires an URGENT response, e-mail as much detail as possible, including your name and address and a contact telephone and mark your email URGENT. 


If you would like to contribute by cheque instead then please make payable to RUPC Ltd and send to:-

121 Abbey Road, South Shore, Blackpool, FY4 2PY


By BACS to:
HSBC : 40-12-13 : 82075709


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