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Permitted Development Assessment


The range of Permitted Development is extensive; that is, development that you can carry out without the need for a planning application. However, the law is complex and subject to a wide range of caveats.


There are over 30 classes of development with permitted development rights; ranging from well recognised residential and agricultural rights, to more obscure areas concerning amusement parks, closed circuit TV cameras and, more recently, micro energy systems such as domestic wind generators.


The General Permitted Development Order (GPDO) underwent substantial consolidation in 2008 with major alterations to domestic PD Rights that have led to considerable confusion and the need for careful interpretation. These are now embodied within a consolidated GPDO 2015.


PD Rights can be removed in several ways. Previous planning permissions could have excluded rights for certain types of development, or an Article 4 Direction may be in force, which will require you to make a planning application to exercise your PD Rights.


Equally, your rights may have been used up by a predecessor owner of your property. PD Rights vary in high amenity areas such as National Parks or Conservation Areas and between ordinary and Listed Buildings. 


We can consider your property and development proposals and advise upon your permitted development rights.

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