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Representations at Committee


The number of planning permissions determined under Delegated Powers is increasing, but there are still occasions when an application will be considered by the planning committee.


In most cases there is an opportunity for the applicant (or his agent), as well as third parties, to address the committee during their consideration of an application. A few minutes is allowed (usually three) and this is an important - if all too brief - means of emphasising the key issues for the committee to consider, or correct any misunderstanding or misleading statement.


Whether you are an applicant or an objector, we can represent your position.


Equally, it is often a requirement of council speaking policy that repetitious statements are discouraged and in some cases may be specifically excluded. We can act as a group spokesperson, representing your views in a single submission.


You may just need background help on making your own representations, and we are happy to provide an overview and guidance service. This may simply be responding to draft documents or holding a training workshop.

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