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Specialist Lectures and Research


I have undertaken specialist research, written and lectured on a range of topics over decades for both public and private sector organisations.


I have particular involvement in the caravan holiday and home park sector including town planning and site licencing issues and the economic value of holiday home parks in Britain.

Lectures have included:

  • 'From Cowsheds to Castles - Rural Regeneration in the UK' - on behalf of Ruraldania in Denmark (Oct 2009)

  • 'Improving the Capacity of the Planning System' - for RICS (August 2009)

  • 'Rural Planning Policy in LDF's' - for the RTPI (March 2009)

  • 'Paying for Permissions - It Started with a Fee' - RICS South West (2010)

  • 'Planning for Rural Regeneration - Opportunities and Constraints' - RICS (2010)

  • 'Rural Regeneration through Positive Planning' - CLA/RTPI (2010)

  • 'RTPI North West - Rural Update' - (January 2011)

  • 'Public Participation in Planning' - UCLAN (March 2011)

  • 'Rural Planning Issues - One Day Training Course' - Kaplan Hawksmere for Basingstoke Borough Council Planning Department (October 2011)

  • 'The National Planning Policy Framework - An Overview' - UCLAN (November 2011)

  • 'The High Street is Dead, Long Live the High Street' - UCLAN (March 2012)

  • 'How to Survive the New Planning System' - CIOB (November 2012)

  • 'Pubs and Planning' - West Midlands Licencing Institute (June 2013)

  • 'Maximising Farm and Estate Business Through the Town Planning System' - Farm Business Innovation Show (Oct 2013)

  • 'Planning for Rural Regeneration - Opportunities and Constraints'  - Rural Revitalisation Conference (June 2014)

  • 'Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show' - Specialist speaker. NEC (November 2016)


I have made submissions on a variety of Government consultation documents including  the Matthew Taylor Report "Living Working Countryside" (2008); 


Since 2012 I have been providing 2-day workshops in the Philippines and Asia on:

  • Planning for New Towns

  • Future City Development

  • Public - Private Partnerships

i am currently researching for a workshop on 'Informal Settlements and Slum Regeneration'


I would be very happy to provide a specific quotation for bespoke pieces of research work or provide a lecture on town planning, tourism or rural regeneration issues.

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