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Planning History Reports


Before buying a property, or considering development proposals, a clear understanding of your planning history can save you a great deal of time and money.

Commercial properties in particular can have a long and complex planning background which often reveal benefits but also potentially expensive defects. Previous permissions may have been partially implemented allowing further development to continue, but more often the problem is one of failure to comply with conditions or lack of implementation, rendering any permission invalid or entirely lost.

Local searches are not always the most effective way of determining your planning history. The move to electronic records has meant that authorities may only provide limited records and their interpretation and level of detail can be lacking. A trawl through the dusty archives may be the only way to establish the exact nature and extent of a permission.

Remember that the planning permission runs with the land not the individual so you may be buying more than you bargained for!

We can provide a detailed assessment of your planning history to ensure you know exactly what you can and cannot do and provide a full report with recommendations and advice.

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